Take 2 Actions: Money Out of Politics / Protect the Arctic From an Oil Spill

Why not take 2 actions to get Money Out of Politics and Protect the Arctic from an oil spill? Click below to speak out!

Take Action: Get Big Money Out of Politics

Take Action: Get Big Money Out of Politics

Our government should respond to the voice of the people, not a few super-rich donors. When big polluters and their unlimited SuperPAC money speaks, they drown out the voices of the people who suffer because of dirty air, contaminated water, and a warming, unstable climate. Right now a critical debate is happening in Washington to help restore our democracy and get big money out of politics. Environmental champion Senator Tom Udall introduced a bill that would give Congress and state legislatures the ability to regulate money in politics. Because of our grassroots pressure over past two months, the bill now has 50 cosponsors, but we need them all to vote yes this week.

Take Action
Tell your senators to vote for the Democracy for All Amendment.

Take Action: Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge From an Oil Spill


Take Action: Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge From an Oil Spill

The Obama administration has proposed opening oil and gas drilling in the Beaufort Sea — threatening half of America’s polar bear habitat and the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge — home to millions of wild birds and animals. An oil spill in the Beaufort Sea could devastate the coastline of the refuge blanketing it with a thick layer of toxic sludge for decades!

Send the administration a message opposing gas and oil drilling in the Beaufort Sea before the September 12 comment deadline and protect the Arctic!

Take Action
Send the administration a message opposing gas and oil drilling in the Beaufort Sea before the September 12 comment deadline and protect the Arctic!

City of Charlotte Throwing $1000s Away

The City of Charlotte is wasting thousands of taxpayer dollars by the lack of policies and programs to conserve energy across our community.

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy has issued a report for Charlotte’s Energy Efficiency programs and it’s bad. Really bad!!

Charlotte scored 23.75 points out of a possible 100 points.

Charlotte ranked 31st out of 34 major metropolitan cites.

We hope that Charlotte elected officials and staff will review this report and decided to get serious about energy efficiency. Click below to see how we did in each of 5 areas. Let your elected City officials and staff know that we want to save energy, save money, and save the environment.

Energy Efficiency is ‘Cheapest Fuel’


City of Charlotte Total Score – 23.75 out of 100

Charlotte City Scorecard Rank – 31 out of 34 major metropolitan areas

Charlotte EE Ranking






Read the full report at: http://database.aceee.org/city/charlotte-nc#sthash.2vwIyHiv.dpuf

CPG Sierra Club Urges County to Ban Smoking in Parks and Greenways

On behalf of our over 2,000 members, the Central Piedmont Group Executive Committee has voted to support the proposed ban on smoking on the property of all government buildings and to ban all tobacco use at county parks, greenways and golf courses. We urge our members and supporters to contact their elected County Commissioners (http://charlottesierraclub.org/political-2/mecklenburg-board-of-county-commissioners/) regarding the ban.

Below is the letter sent to our Mecklenburg County Commissioners.

Meck Smoking

Fracking’s Heating Up – Won’t you make a difference?

North Carolina Chapter Sierra Club


We are one step closer to fracking in North Carolina. If you are like me, you aren’t ready to put our streams and groundwater at risk to search for an unknown amount of fracked gas.

Hundreds of people at a fracking public hearing in Raleigh raise their hands when Sierran Marvin Woll ask who in the crowd thinks the proposed rules are inadequate. 

Do you agree with Marvin, too?

Hands up (1).jpg

Fracking Button - convio 250 x 125.png

Of all the headlines from this year’s legislative session, one of the most disturbing was the broken promises on fracking. With strong support from House Speaker Thom Tillis, the legislature chose to break a promise it made in 2012 – not to issue fracking permits until the legislature took a vote to lift the moratorium.  Instead, the legislature passed a bill that allows fracking permits to be issued as soon as March 2015.

The legislature also promised that North Carolina would have the best regulatory program for fracking in the country, Instead, they passed measures this session that ensure that will not be the case. For example, the legislature limited the public’s right to know what chemicals are being used in fracking by allowing some chemicals to be kept secret. And the legislature limited the ability of local governments to enact ordinances to protect citizens against the bad effects of fracking.

Will you stand up to the fracking industry and others who threaten North Carolina’s environment? We’re raising $10,000 in the next few days to fight against the legislature’s terrible energy choices. Will you help?

The legislature’s broken promises are bad for North Carolina’s streams and groundwater. With 2.4 million North Carolinians relying on water from the Cape Fear River basin, there’s a lot at stake.  When it comes to the risk of contaminating our water supplies with cancer causing chemicals, we owe it to ourselves to make sure we have proper protections in place before the state considers giving out fracking permits.

All of our work — lobbying the legislature, organizing our broad grassroots membership across the state, and communicating with the public through the media — can’t happen without you. Will you contribute $250, $100, $50, or whatever you can afford to help us hold legislators accountable?

Thanks for all that you do,

Molly Diggins
State Director of the NC Sierra Club

P.S. – It’s not too late to help us hold legislators accountable. Click here to chip in $50 or whatever you can, to help us let legislators know that we expect them to keep their fracking promises!

Charlotte Energy Strategy Meeting – Sept 4, 12:00 PM

The City of Charlotte Economic Development  & Global Competitiveness Committee will meet Thursday, September 4, 2014 at Noon in Room CH-14 of the Government Center to discuss our future “Energy Strategy”. While you cannot speak during the City committee meetings, you might just catch them before or after the meeting and share your thoughts and concerns about our energy future. Attending committee meetings demonstrates your interest in and concern about agenda issues.

It’s interesting that the City is discussing our Energy Strategy when we don’t even have a Sustainability Plan! Check out some the resources below to see what other cities are doing in this area. Feel free to send the committee members these links along with your thought on our Charlotte Energy Future!

Charlotte Economic Development and Global Competitiveness Committee Members


Char Eco Dev Comm Mtg Sept 4 20142014

List of Top 20 Most Populous Cities in the U.S., and Corresponding Sustainability Plans

This list includes information and links to sustainability plans and initiatives created by large cities in the U.S. – http://sustainablecities.asu.edu/docs/scn/top-cities.pdf

Local Government Climate and Energy Strategy Series

The Local Government Climate and Energy Strategy Series gives a straightforward overview of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction strategies that local governments can use to achieve economic, environmental, social, and human health benefits. The series covers energy efficiency, transportation, community planning and design, solid waste and materials management, and renewable energy.


Sustainability Plan / Energy, Climate Change and Ozone Depletion / Strategy

Goal 1 – To reduce overall power use through maximizing energy efficiency. http://www.sustainable-city.org/Plan/Energy/strategy.htm#GOAL1

Goal 2 – To maintain an energy supply based on renewable, environmentally sound resources. http://www.sustainable-city.org/Plan/Energy/strategy.htm#GOAL2

Goal 3 – Eliminate climate-changing and ozone-depleting emissions and toxics associated with energy production and use. http://www.sustainable-city.org/Plan/Energy/strategy.htm#GOAL3

Goal 4 – To base energy decisions on the goal of creating a sustainable society. http://www.sustainable-city.org/Plan/Energy/strategy.htm#GOAL4

Resolution Adopting a Sustainable Energy Strategy – Las Vegas 2008