Sept 7th – Aerial America “Wilderness” Television Special

An aerial tour of some of America’s most spectacular wilderness areas. What a treat!

Tune in Sunday, Sept 7th, at 9:00 PM to the Smithsonian Channel and be inspired!

Aerial America Wilderness

The Smithsonian Channel is available through Time Warner Cable on channel 131/1019.

On Sunday Sept. 7, at 9:00 PM the Smithsonian Channel will broadcast a special wilderness episode of Aerial America. Through stunning vignettes, the program tells the unique stories behind some of the most interesting wilderness areas and the conservation leaders who helped bring them into being. Check your local listing for broadcast times.
For more information about our North Carolina Wilderness Celebration, go to OurWildNC.

For the Love of Ansel Adams and Our Wilderness

If you love wilderness, you need to Celebrate Your Wild Side – Sign Up Today for Our Wild NC Celebration!

This is going to be a great weekend of hikes, special events, and good times. The Celebration will be at Morrow Mountain State Park (just an hour drive from Charlotte, a little beyond Albemarle) on Friday and Saturday, September 26th and 27th. Come for the day or make a weekend of it. Camping is available!

Registration and more information at Celebrate Your Wild Side – Sign Up Today for Our Wild NC Celebration!

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Capturing the Wilderness: An Interview with Peter Essick

For Peter Essick, a world-renowned nature photographer, capturing the Ansel Adams Wilderness area meant long spans of solitary days in the high Sierras — and all the beauty and adventure that entails.

Some of the winter shots required the most daring he’s ever needed in his 25-year career, including one memorable past snap of a radioactive alligator from a project on nuclear waste. Digging his own snow cave and trying not to suffocate during a four-day blizzard was worth it to Essick, who in his new book, The Ansel Adams Wilderness, celebrates Adams’ work.

Ansel Adams changed the face of nature photography and shaped America’s relationship with our landscapes, and also influenced Essick himself when he was a burgeoning young photographer. Inspired to do the project by a reprint of one of Adams’ early books, Essick discusses the experience with Sierra: reliving an earlier era of photography and bringing us all back to a simpler time.

Sierra magazine: What was it like for you, spending extended periods of time in the wilderness?

Peter Essick: After the first few days you forget about the office. At these higher elevations, above the tree line, it’s sort of like a lunar landscape, a different world. That’s when you can really start to feel a connection to the earth and the landscape, after those first few days, when you get away from all the emails and cell phones. It helps your photography too. You start to focus on trying to capture your feelings about the place, you feel more in tune and more responsive to the landscape.

Read more Read the rest of our interview and check out Essick’s work!

The photo above is an example of the black and white photography inspired by Ansel Adams. It is not the work of Peter Essick. To view his amazing photograpahy, click through to our interview.

Reclaiming Wilderness: Wilderness is where we come from, and we are adapted through evolution to the rigors and beauties of such landscape. It’s time for those of us who know wilderness, and who understand the idea of it, to wrest that idea back from its hijackers.

Why Wilderness: It’s crucial to expose all American–including low-income urbanites and people of color–to the country’s wildest places.

Resuscitating the Wilderness: Indonesian doctors show that stethoscopes might be the best defense against chainsaws.

Charlotte Energy Strategy Meeting – Sept 4, 12:00 PM

The City of Charlotte Economic Development  & Global Competitiveness Committee will meet Thursday, September 4, 2014 at Noon in Room CH-14 of the Government Center to discuss our future “Energy Strategy”. While you cannot speak during the City committee meetings, you might just catch them before or after the meeting and share your thoughts and concerns about our energy future. Attending committee meetings demonstrates your interest in and concern about agenda issues.

It’s interesting that the City is discussing our Energy Strategy when we don’t even have a Sustainability Plan! Check out some the resources below to see what other cities are doing in this area. Feel free to send the committee members these links along with your thought on our Charlotte Energy Future!

Charlotte Economic Development and Global Competitiveness Committee Members


Char Eco Dev Comm Mtg Sept 4 20142014

List of Top 20 Most Populous Cities in the U.S., and Corresponding Sustainability Plans

This list includes information and links to sustainability plans and initiatives created by large cities in the U.S. –

Local Government Climate and Energy Strategy Series

The Local Government Climate and Energy Strategy Series gives a straightforward overview of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction strategies that local governments can use to achieve economic, environmental, social, and human health benefits. The series covers energy efficiency, transportation, community planning and design, solid waste and materials management, and renewable energy.

Sustainability Plan / Energy, Climate Change and Ozone Depletion / Strategy

Goal 1 – To reduce overall power use through maximizing energy efficiency.

Goal 2 – To maintain an energy supply based on renewable, environmentally sound resources.

Goal 3 – Eliminate climate-changing and ozone-depleting emissions and toxics associated with energy production and use.

Goal 4 – To base energy decisions on the goal of creating a sustainable society.

Resolution Adopting a Sustainable Energy Strategy – Las Vegas 2008


Calling All Charlotte Clergy, Lay Leaders, and Congregants – Speak Out on Climate Change Sept 9th

“We have a moral obligation to future generations to leave our land, water and wildlife better than we found it.”

~ Sally Jewell, U.S. Secretary of the Interior

from Dealing with Climate Change: A Moral Obligation

We need your voice on September 9th at Myers Park Baptist Church for a Citizen’s Climate Hearing on the EPA’s Clean Power Plan.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Clean Power Plan is a historic measure calling for strong carbon pollution reductions to combat the worst effects of climate disruption. Now in the public comment period, the EPA needs to hear from concerned citizens that want strong protections from carbon pollution. This is a critical moment for North Carolinians to make sure our voice is heard. Citizens from across NC will gather at Myers Park Baptist Church to give oral testimony, which will be recorded and submitted as official comments to the EPA. Join us as we call on the EPA to take swift and strong action on climate for North Carolina.

What can you do?

As a Charlotte clergy – Plan to attend and speak! Ask other clergy to join you. Post the flyer and/or an announcement on your website and on your calendar. Include an announcement in your e-updates. Mention the hearing at your Sabbath service this coming weekend and encourage your congregants to join you. Spread the word!

As a Lay Leader – Plan to attend and speak! Ask other lay leaders to join you. Make sure that there are hearing announcements on your website, calendar, etc.  Spread the word through your networks of friends and on social media.

As a Charlotte Congregant – Plan to attend and speak! Ask other congregants to join you.  Spread the word through your networks of friends and on social media. Commit to bringing 3 friends with you.

Charlotte Interfaith Call for Action on Climate Change

Free Solar Tours Preceding the Hearing – 5:00 and 5:30 PM

Citizen’s Climate Hearing
September 9th
Myers Park Baptist Church
Heaton Hall
1900 Queens Rd, Charlotte, NC 28207
6:00-8:00 PM

• Please limit oral comments to 3 minutes (typically 400 – 450 words)
• Please bring a copy of prepared comments for the court reporter (optional)
• Written comments may be of any length and submitted without public speaking

For more information, contact Renee Reese

See also our Facebook Charlotte Citizens’ Climate Hearing

Interfaith Citizens Hearing 3Charlotte Interfaith Call for Action on Climate Change

Sept 4 – “Understanding the Climate Change Problems and Seeking Solutions”

Make plans to join us this Thursday, September 4th, at the University City Regional Library (Map) for an important program – “Understanding the Climate Change Problems and Seeking Solutions“. Dr. J. Jason West of UNC Chapel Hill will speak at 6:00 PM about one of the most pressing issues moral issues of this generation. Come out and learn more so that you can do more to protect the planet.

This program will be an excellent primer for the Charlotte Citizens’ Climate Hearing on Tues, Sept 9 and to help people develop oral or written comments for the proposed EPA’s Clean Power Plan.

See you there!

Sept 4 Climate Change Program Flyer


6 Buses from North Carolina to Sept 21 People’s Climate March – Sign Up Today!

PCM Crowd

There are now 6 BUSES FROM NORTH CAROLINA being organized for the people’s Climate March in NYC!!!!!!! 3 from the Triangle area and 1 each from Asheville, Boone and Charlotte. Seats are filling up fast so reserve a seat today!

AshevilleBus Captains Debby Genz and Mary Olson

Boone – Contact Bus Captain Dave Harman

Charlotte – Register at or contact Bus Captains Hanna Mitchell and Bill Gupton at

Triangle Area – 2 buses being coordinated by Bus Captain Caroline Hansley Register at

Triangle Area – 1 bus being coordinated by Greenway Transit/The Forest Foundation Bus. Sign up at .

Reserve your seat today! Prices vary by location.

Happy 70th, 50th, 40th, 30th Birthday Party

At our August monthly meeting last night we had a Happy 70th, 50th, 40th, 30th Birthday Party! What you ask is a 70th, 50th, 40th, 30th Birthday Party?

70 50 40 30

This is a special year for NC and Charlotte outdoors!

Smokey 70th

This is the 70th anniversary of the Smokey Bear Wildfire campaign – Happy 70th Birthday Smokey Bear! 

Wilderness 50

The 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act – 50 Years of Wilderness

40th anniv logo_485

The 40th anniversary of Char-Meck Park & Rec – Happy 40th Birthday Mecklenburg Park and Rec!

NC Wilderness Celebration

And the 30th anniversary of the NC Wilderness Act – 30 Years of NC Wilderness


Here is Mary Lou Buck doing the birthday honors!

Mary Lou 70 50 40 30

And don’t forget that the celebration continues! You need to Celebrate Your Wild Side and Sign Up Today for Our Wild NC Celebration – September 26-27 at Morrow Mountain State Park. It’s going to be a wild time with folks from across the state.