Visit Birkhead Mountains Wilderness

The 1984 North Carolina Wilderness Act has protected significant natural areas around North Carolina for 30 years.  To celebrate these 30 years the North Carolina Sierra Club Chapter has published to educate our membership of these important areas and their history.

The Central Piedmont Group is encouraging our members to visit these sites.  To help we will briefly feature a different State Wilderness Area at our monthly meetings.  This month’s area is Birkhead Mountains.  You can find directions to Birkhead Mountains Wilderness Area and interesting historical information at the U.S. Forest Services website,

Signs of Spring Outing

Join us April 5th at 10:00 a.m in Huntersville’s Latta Plantation Nature Preserve.

We’ll look for signs of Spring on this easy 4-5 mile hike.  Our route through Latta Plantation Nature Preserve in Huntersville offers opportunities to have a look at a diversity of natural communities, including a Piedmont Prairie Restoration site that protects the federally endangered Schweinitz’s sunflower.  We will take time to  explore and enjoy what we see along the trails and have a relaxing break lakeside.   These trails are mostly even, but there are some areas of uneven and rocky terrain.  Participants should bring water and snacks.  Binoculars may be helpful for bird watching.

Group size is limited to twelve participants.  Please contact Linda for more information and to register.

All participants on Sierra Club outings will need to read/sign a standard liability waiver.

Wilson Creek Clean Up: May 17th and 18th

Phil Phelan Owner, Linville Gorge Adventures LLC, and the good folks at Betsey’s Ole Country Store in Mortimer, NC are organizing a clean up of one of North Carolina’s finest areas, this will be a two day event, rain or shine. Starting at 9:30am Saturday May 17th and, again, Sunday May 18th, Phil plans to direct attention to the banks of the Wilson Creek from Mortimer to the Brown Mountain Beach Resort. Along with litter, it is also desired to find an eco-friendly way to remove the spray paint found in so many areas along the gorge. In addition, to send a team down the Hunt Fish Falls Trail to address the campsites located before and right at the Hunt Fish Falls.

The Central Piedmont Group of the Sierra Club’s outing team will be leading an outing to this clean up. You can choose to attend either or both days. For more information please contact,

All participants on Sierra Club outings are required to sign a standard liability waiver. If you would like to read the liability waiver before you choose to participate in an outing, download a copy at NC Sierra Club Sign In Waiver.