This is a BFD – Tell the President So!

Dear Friends,
Take action


This is what a movement looks like.

More than four million voices have already spoken out in support of cracking down on climate pollution from new power plants.

Now the EPA is getting ready to take a big step. If we want to make progress in the climate fight, our nation’s existing, aging, and inefficient power plants are the problem. That’s why it’s such a big deal that the EPA just proposed safeguards against carbon pollution from those existing plants.

Take action now to make sure President Obama knows that America supports strong climate action like EPA safeguards against carbon pollution from existing power plants.

This is the beginning of what could be the biggest climate fight in history. Fossil fuel billionaires are mobilizing like never before. They’re already sending their lobbyists to Washington and spreading their fear-mongering talking points on Fox News. You’ll see their misleading ads on TV and hear them on the radio.1

The billionaires that are bankrolling these ads want President Obama to think that Americans are afraid of tackling the climate crisis. But it’s the coal, oil, and gas industries that are running scared. They’re scared that cleaning up their own mess might cut into their profits.

Don’t let the fossil fuel billionaires get the last word. Flood the White House with 10,000 messages by tomorrow saying that America is ready for strong climate action!

Last month’s National Climate Assessment2 made clear what you already knew: that our climate has already changed, and that droughts, wildfires, and superstorms are the result of runaway climate disruption. When crops fail, when towns get flooded, and when heatwaves send kids and seniors to the emergency room, it’s not Big Coal footing the bill.

All of us are already paying the price for climate disruption — but thanks to today’s announcement, we have our best shot yet at turning the tide in the climate fight. Take action now!

Thank you for all you do,

David Scott
Sierra Club President

P.S. Six messages are more powerful than one! After you take action, forward this message to five of your friends and family or share it on Facebook and Twitter.

1) A bogus claim that electricity prices will ‘nearly double’ because of clean coal technology, Washington Post, 5/23/2014
2) National Climate Assessment, May 2014

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