Are We Fracking Crazy? Call/Email Your NC Representative Now!

Late yesterday, the House gave tentative approval to S 786, Energy Modernization Act.
The House version of the bill, as amended, joins the Senate in breaking the promise that the NCGA made to the public in 2012 that it would allow any permits to be issued for fracking until a regulatory program was in place, and the legislature voted to proceed with offering permits. The promise to have an affirmative legislative action (vote) after the rule adoption was intended to offer assurances that the legislature would not allow fracking to go forward in NC unless we had the best and strongest rules in the country.
S 786 also ties the hands of local government from taking usual and ordinary measures to limit where fracking can take place, etc.
PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL YOUR HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE NOW and ask that they vote against S 786 (final vote will be at 1:00 pm tomorrow).
To find your representative, go to:
To learn more about today’s vote, go to WRAL:

Molly Diggins, State Director

NC Sierra Club
Thanks to Rep. Grier Martin! Support his call to action!

Rep. Grier Martin (D-Wake) on the House floor, May 28, 2014



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