Tell Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good – Retire the Asheville Coal Plant!

Duke has closed the Charlotte area Riverbend coal plant. Now we need to help our neighbors in Asheville get their coal plant retired! Take Action and send Duke CEO Lynn Good a message to retire and clean up the Asheville coal ash plant and coals ash dump!

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Asheville Beyond Coal

Duke Energy, retire the Asheville coal plant

In a recent letter to Gov. McCrory, Duke Energy committed to removing wet coal ash from beside the French Broad River and publicly stated that they will consider retirement of the Asheville Coal Plant instead of investing millions to change the way they handle coal ash.

Asheville deserves a full cleanup of the coal ash ponds, and a real commitment to retire the plant and move our region to a clean energy future.

Let Duke know that they only way to fully take care of the coal ash problem is to stop burning coal. Send a message to Duke CEO Lynn Good right now!

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