Join the virtual rally against Duke

Stop Duke Coal Ash Pollution

Dear Friends,

Join the virtual rally against Duke

Donate a Tweet or Facebook status to tell Duke to clean up their coal ash

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On Thursday, May 1, the board and shareholders of Duke Energy, the country’s biggest utility, will gather in Charlotte, NC. People will be protesting on the street outside, calling on Duke to clean up their coal ash and move beyond coal, and you can be there, too.

In just a few clicks, you can join thousands of others in donating a Tweet or Facebook status sending Duke the following message: 

Duke Energy sits on a toxic timebomb of coal ash threatening local communities. Tell Duke to clean up! #DukeCoalAsh

Click here to join the virtual rally against Duke!

With enough people tweeting the same message, we will make Duke and #DukeCoalAsh major topics of discussion on social media. Duke executives, shareholders, and the media covering with meeting will take notice, and we will push them to approve shareholder resolutions that will put Duke on a path to move beyond coal.

Take five minutes and send a message that Duke will have to pay attention to.

It’s been almost three months since a broken pipe sent tens of thousands of gallons of coal ash and contaminated water into the Dan River, and little has changed. At dozens of other sites, including at the Asheville plant and the Allen plant near Charlotte, Duke sits on a toxic time bomb of coal ash waste.

Politicians and powerbrokers fiddle while more coal burns, and Duke executives scheme to get the public to pay to clean up the coal ash waste across the state. They seem to think we’d forget about the damage that toxic coal ash is doing to our water.

Send a message to Duke that their customers haven’t forgotten. Tell them to clean up their coal ash and move beyond coal.

Thanks for everything you do to protect our environment,

Emma Greenbaum
Beyond Coal Campaign
Sierra Club

P.S. If you can be there May 1 for the actual shareholders’ meeting at Duke Energy Corporate Office, 526 S Church St. Charlotte from 9am to 12pm, RSVP here:

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