Sign Up Today for the “Explore Our Wild North Carolina” Challenge!

Explore Our Wild North Carolina!
And Celebrate NC Wilderness All Year Long!

Explore Our Wild North Carolina!

Hopefully by now you know that 2014 is a big year for North Carolina wilderness! Not only is this the 50th anniversary of the US Wilderness Act, it is the 30th anniversary of the North Carolina Wilderness Act, which would not have passed without the persistent efforts of NC Sierra Club leaders. We have developed a program to recognize folks who visit 9 out of 12 of our wilderness areas, plus the five study areas during 2014 through July 15, 2015. Sign up now and get a free Wilderness Explorer patch!

Visit our Website!

We have a beautiful new website packed with photos and information about our wilderness areas, the history, upcoming events and outings. For more information, or if you have photos or stories to share, please contact Nancy Card,

Save the Date!

We’re having a party! On Thursday, June 12, we’ll get together in the Triangle area to celebrate NC Wilderness areas and some of the folks who saved them for us to enjoy. More information coming soon!


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