Protect NC Waters – Mixing does not equal fixing for Jordan Lake

North Carolina Chapter Sierra Club

Dear Friends,

Jordan Lake needs science based solutions to control pollution, not wasteful water mixers.

Jordan Lake is a drinking water source for 300,000 people in the triangle.

Jordan Lake image

take action

You may recall that the state legislature abandoned clean up plans for Jordan Lake last year. The Jordan Lake Rules were adopted in 2009 in an effort to clean up the lake, which is a popular recreation destination and a source of drinking water for 300,000 people. Those clean-up rules were abandoned for three years. This was the third legislative delay of the clean up plan.

Instead of sticking with the science-based plan to prevent pollution, the legislature directed nearly $2 million in taxpayer funds to a lease of 36 floating water mixers. Water mixers aim to reduce algae, but cannot reduce the inflow of pollution into Jordan Lake. Meanwhile, developers are getting a three year reprieve from requirements to control their pollution.

The Army Corps of Engineers has the final say in whether or not the water mixers can be anchored in the lake. The Corps has released an Environmental Assessment (available here) which evaluates the water mixers. The public comment period for this project is ending soon! Don’t miss your chance to speak up and protect Jordan Lake. 

There are a lot of reasons to be concerned about putting water mixers in Jordan Lake, take action today!

Learn about some of the reasons that replacing the science-based Jordan Lake Rules with water mixers is a bad idea. Then email your comments to the Army Corps of Engineers.

Thanks for all you do,

Zak Keith
Lead Organizer, NC Sierra Club
P.S. – Your chance to speak up for Jordan Lake is now! Click here to send your comments the Army Corps of Engineers today!

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