Charlotte City Council to Consider Airport Coal Ash Disposal – Mar 24, 4:00 PM

Today, March 24th, the Charlotte City Council will meet at 4:00 PM in Room 267 of the Government Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center, 600 East Fourth St., Charlotte, NC 28202 to consider the plan for the Riverbend coal ash disposal. Below is information about the meeting as well as some background information.

Riverbend Coal Ash City Council Meeting 03-24-14

The City will only be voting on whether to move forward with gathering information and studying this possibility.

Background Information

Records show Duke, Charlotte came close to airport coal ash plan in 2013
By Ely Portillo
March 18, 2014

But through a public records request Tuesday, the Observer received documents showing that the plan had progressed to the point of having a draft contract ready, a draft statement announcing the project and plans for an Oct. 28 presentation to City Council.
On Friday, the city said in a press release that it was “invited to review” Duke’s proposal last week. But documents show city staff had already honed their message for the public and elected officials last year, as the proposal moved toward fruition.
Deputy City Manager Ron Kimble signed a confidentiality agreement Aug. 9, promising not to disclose the proposal.
“The City of Charlotte is evaluating how each partner takes measures to ensure that coal combustion products are not hazardous and are safe,” the draft statement read. One city staffer circled that phrase and noted, “I’ve said above it is safe, so why (are) we evaluating?”
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Coal Ash Could Help Airport, But Waste Ponds Have More Pollutants
By Ben Brasford
March 14, 2014

For the past seven years, Duke has been providing coal ash for landfill to the Asheville Regional Airport for no cost. A similar deal in Charlotte would be right up the alley of an airport that prides itself on the lowest-cost of its size in the nation. That is, Phocas says, if it is safe.
“We still need to take a look at—even if we are fully encapsulating it—what are the risks to the residents, to the water quality, too,” he says.

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Details scant on plan to put coal ash at Charlotte Douglas

By Ely Portillo
March 14, 2014

Environmental advocates said Duke’s proposal could be a better solution for the ash than where it sits now, next to the lake that provides drinking water for Charlotte.
But they still see potential problems, such as the airport’s proximity to the Catawba River, streams that drain to Lake Wylie and groundwater sources for residents, and the sheer number of unanswered questions about the plan.
“A lot depends on the execution,” said Rick Gaskins, executive director of the Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation. His group will also present to City Council.
“Is it perfect? Is it what I’d like to see and do in the future? Maybe not, but it is important to get this ash off the drinking water of 830,000 people.”
See also – Read the letter from Duke Energy to Charlotte officials and Duke Energy proposes storing coal ash at Charlotte Douglas International Airport

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