McCrory Response to Climate Crisis – Remove the Evidence!

You have to watch this! WRAL has documented the attempt by Governor McCrory to stop climate change in North Carolina. Easy. Just get rid of the evidence!

The following are just some of the items very quietly removed from the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) website:

  1. The Climate Change webpage on the Division of Air Quality website
  2. A list of resources and links about Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change.
  3. A 100 page report on the economic impact of Greenhouse Gas mitigation
  4. The 118 page North Carolina Climate Action Plan

Watch NC Sierra Club Director of Communications Dustin Chicurel-Bayard response to the Governor McCrory and DENR Secretary John Skvarla’s denial of Climate Change. Thanks Dustin!

Dustin Chicurel Bayard with the Sierra Club says the so-called “debate” isn’t one, at least in terms of the scientific community.

“Climate change is accepted. Climate change is real. It’s a fact. It is man-made,” Chicurel-Bayard said. “Ninety-seven percent of scientists agree that climate change is happening.”

He said policymakers, planners, engineers and the public should have access to information that can help them plan long-term projects, like roads, bridges and other infrastructure.

“This shouldn’t be about opinion. This should be about science and facts and information, and that should be readily available, especially when North Carolina taxpayers have already spent money on studies,” he added. “The public deserves better.”

No DENR Climate ChangeClimate change links vanish from DENR website

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