NC Beyond Coal: Take Action on Carbon and Coal Ash

It’s time to stop the pollution from coal and coal ash! Please join in and send a message!

Take Action: Stop Big Coal's Attack on Carbon Pollution Standards Take Action: Stop Big Coal’s Attack on Carbon Pollution Standards

Next week Representative Ed Whitfield’s Polluter Protection Act (H.R. 3826) will be on the floor of the House of Representatives. This bill would overturn the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate power plant carbon pollution and allow power plants to continue dumping unlimited amounts of carbon pollution into the air.

Under the Polluter Protection Act, the polluters decide what the regulations will be for new plants — delaying the use of the best emissions-reduction technologies for years or even decades.

Take Action
Tell your representative to oppose this bill.

Take Action: Finalize Coal Ash Standards Take Action: Finalize Coal Ash Standards

For six days, toxic coal ash gushed into North Carolina’s Dan River. Ash from coal-burning power plants is full of toxic heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, and lead, which coal companies then dump in pits and ponds with no plan for safe disposal or cleanup.

There are no federal safeguards to protect our communities from coal ash or other water pollution caused by burning coal — and yet there are more than 1,100 coal ash sites like the one on the Dan River.

Take Action
Tell the EPA we have waited long enough and that it’s time to finalize new coal ash protections.

Photo by Catawba Riverkeeper

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