Duke Energy Clean Up Your Coal Ash – Petition Delivery, Feb 25

Duke Coal Ash Legacy Ad Feb 2014

I hope that you’ll make some signs and join us next Tuesday, Feb 25th, at Duke Energy headquarters. 11:30 AM at 550 S. Tryon St Charlotte, NC

Enough is Enough! Take a stand for clean water and an end to dirty coal ash polluting North Carolina!

Duke Energy needs to clean up the coal ash from the Feb. 2 Dan River spill and at all of the ash impoundments across NC. Coal ash is hazardous waste produced by coal-fired power plants and constitutes a toxic mix of heavy metals, chemicals, and known carcinogens. We won’t stand for coal ash to be dumped in our rivers and lakes or slowly released into drinking water sources!

There is a group of organizations (led by the Sierra Club, Appalachian Voices, Greenpeace, and others) planning a media event at Duke’s HQ in Charlotte, Tuesday the 25th at 11:30am.
A Facebook event page has been set up for the event – Duke Energy Clean Up Your Coal Ash – Petition Delivery.

We’ll deliver over 8,500 petitions pressing Duke to clean up its coal ash at all 14 plants in NC. Speakers during the petition delivery represent this issue from the national to local scale.

Help get the word out about our Sierra Club petition!
If you haven’t take action, please do so. Can you also post this to your Facebook page and remind other Sierra Club members and supporter? Here’s the link to sign the petition and to pass along to others – Tell Duke Energy to stop poisoning our water with coal ash.

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