Email Senators Burr and Hagan to Protect NC Wind

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Dear Friends,


Tell Sen. Burr and Sen. Hagan:
Fight for clean-energy jobs!

Take action Take action

Just a handful of senators — including yours — could make or break clean energy in 2014.

While fossil fuel billionaires are raking in enormous profits and taking tax break after tax break,[1] they’re scheming to keep the Senate from renewing the provisions that have helped kick-start America’s clean energy economy.

Real jobs have already been lost[2] while the Senate drags its feet, and thousands of families face an uncertain future.

Take action to protect American clean-energy jobs. Send a message to Sen. Richard Burr and Sen. Kay Hagan right now and tell them to renew the wind energy Production Tax Credit.

Clean energy like wind and solar had a breakthrough year in 2013, and that sent the fossil-fuel billionaires running scared. They’re worried that their profits will be blown away by reliable, cost-competitive, American-made wind farms and solar arrays — energy sources that don’t choke our skies with smog and soot and don’t dump toxic mercury and selenium into our waters.

So now they’re trying to keep more clean energy from going into production by halting the wind energy Production Tax Credit and other clean-energy measures. Every day the Senate waits to act is another day that the fossil fuel billionaires win… and another day that American workers and their families have to worry.

If Sen. Burr and Sen. Hagan turn their backs on America’s clean energy industry, they’ll be sacrificing more than jobs — they’ll be sacrificing the health of our families, our communities, and our entire planet.

Tell Sen. Burr and Sen. Hagan to protect our health and our future by renewing the wind energy Production Tax Credit.

Thank you for all you do,

Mary Anne Hitt
Beyond Coal Campaign Director

P.S. Six messages are more powerful than one. Forward this message to five of your friends and family so they can speak out for clean-energy jobs. You can also spread the word on social media with the share buttons below.

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[1] With Only $93 Billion in Profits, the Big Five Oil Companies Demand to Keep Tax Breaks, Center for American Progress, 2/10/2014.
[2] Gamesa’s wind troubles creates debate over industry tax credits, Pittsburgh Business Times, 1/30/2014.

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