Update: Criminal probe into Duke Energy coal ash spill

Here are some videos and reports on this developing story. Check back often for additional news and reports.

While your at it, please send a strong message to Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good and demand that Duke Energy stop poisoning our water with coal ash.

Duke DENR Blocking
N.C. Governor No Longer Works for Duke Energy, But After Coal Spill, Is He Doing Their Bidding?

Democracy Now Video
Democracy Now Cosy

Subpoena looks for dirty deal in toxic spill
Rachel Maddow Video
Rachel Maddow Criminal Probe

INSTITUTE INDEX: Just how cozy are Gov. McCrory and Duke Energy?

Ash pond still dumping while Duke begins ash removal from river

Feds launch criminal probe of NC agency after coal ash spill

Grand jury opens criminal probe into Duke Energy coal ash spill

Environmental groups offering reward for evidence of wrongdoing in coal ash spill

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