* Deadline: Sunday. Don’t let Rep. Pittenger miss the boat on clean water

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Dear Friends,
Deadline: Sunday.
Don’t let Rep. Pittenger miss the boat on clean water.

Take action Take action

The best thing Congress can do to protect our waters from toxic coal waste doesn’t involve passing a bill. It doesn’t even involve failing to pass a bill.

No, what we need now is for Congress to do what Congress does best: talk.

The EPA is hard at work designing new safeguards that will protect our communities from dangerous coal wastewater, but they need support from leaders in Congress if they’re going to weather the oncoming storm of Big Coal’s lobbying money.

Tell Rep. Robert M. Pittenger to stand up for clean water in your community by supporting the EPA’s new toxic wastewater protections!

Coal plants dump millions of tons of toxic metals like arsenic, selenium, boron, cadmium, mercury, and lead into our waterways every year. In fact, they produce more toxic wastewater than any other industry in the United States. Exposure to the chemicals in their wastewater can lead to birth defects, cancer, and even death — yet 80% of our nation’s coal plants have no limits on the amount of toxic heavy metals they can dump into our waters.

75,000 activists — including you — have called on the EPA to protect our communities, and you’ve pushed them to take action. But while the EPA is getting ready to crack down on toxic coal wastewater, big polluters are organizing to stop their work before even one coal plant has to clean up its act.

First thing next week, some of the loudest and strongest voices in Congress are going to speak out in support of the EPA’s life-saving work on coal wastewater. Rep. Pittenger hasn’t committed to join them, but it’s not too late!

Tell Rep. Pittenger to speak out for clean water now!

Thank you for all you do,

Mary Anne Hitt
Beyond Coal Campaign Director

P.S. Six messages are better than one! Forward this message to five of your friends and family so they can tell their representatives how important clean water is for all our communities. You can also spread the word on social media with the share buttons below.

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