* Sierra Club Socks – Made in Old Fort, NC

I got this email recently and wanted to introduce you you to a North Carolina green business that supports the Sierra Club. I actually bought several pairs of their socks a few weeks back and like them – the Trailhead and Pioneer. So if you needs some socks, click below to check them out.

My name is Amy Parker and I am part owner (with my brother Jeff) of Parker Legwear in Old Fort, NC.
We have been a hosiery manufacturer since 1946, and now we are also the exclusive licensee for Sierra Club socks!  To date, Sierra Club has realized over $60,000 from our partnership and efforts.
All the socks for the line are made right here in our Old Fort factory, and are made of recycled cotton (from t shirts) and poly (from water bottles).
We’d like you to visit our website Sierra Club Socks  and see our products.
Thank you for your help!
Best regards,
Amy Parker
Parker Legwear
Distributor for Sierra Club Socks

Sierra Club Scoks

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