* Why Coal, Gas and Nuke Utilities are Fighting Solar

Renewable is Doable

Climate Reality Check Conference Call

The Climate Reality Check Coalition exists to help strengthen community organizing on climate. This week, the group’s conference call will focus on a topic near and dear to our hearts: the corporate death spiral facing utilities who fail to respond to the “disruptive challenge” of the solar revolution. We would like to invite you to join the call.

When: Thursday, November 21

Time: 3 pm Eastern

Please RSVP here:
Then call this number at the time of the call: 209-647-1600,
and enter Code 615986 when prompted.

Why Coal, Gas and Nuke Utilities are Fighting Solar

A critical new front in the fight to slow climate change is the one shaping up between the present coal-, nuclear- and gas-based monopoly utilities and solar energy. Early this year the utilities’ think tank, the Edison Electric Institute, issued a major report on the “disruptive challenges” posed by the onslaught of low-priced solar. Others have described the threat as a potential “death spiral” for those utilities that fail to adapt. The utilities are fighting back in Arizona, Colorado and elsewhere.

In this call Nancy LaPlaca will describe how those fights are playing out and the economic, legislative and regulatory realities behind them. We will also discuss the larger implications of these fights for the climate movement.

If you have any questions please contact Rose Braz, Center for Biological Diversity, rbraz@biologicaldiverisity.org. Thank you.

More on our presenter:

Nancy LaPlaca, J.D., is an energy consultant and activist with considerable expertise in electric and gas utility issues including rate design, renewable energy standards, energy efficiency and externalities. Nancy spent 2 years fighting “clean” coal and carbon capture and sequestration, and helped to stop “clean” coal plants in Arizona and Colorado, and 3 years at the Colorado Public Utilities Commission arguing for more clean energy. She served as Policy Advisor to elected Commissioner Paul Newman in Arizona for 3 years, and delighted in asking the utilities many questions.

Climate Reality Check Coalition has a Facebook group! Click here to join the group.

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