* South East Florida Wants To Mitigate Climate Change Disaster

As published in the New York Times on Monday, 11/11/13, South East Florida is worried about the coming effects of climate change on the densely populated and built up area around and north of Miami. The Times article describes the ominous and expensive effects of sea level rise on local homes and infrastructure. The area has over $156 billion worth of property – much of which could be seriously damaged by rising sea waters. Local politicians are, and have been, meeting to discuss adaptation strategies. The state politicians in Tallahassee appear to not have the issue on their radar screen. As Jimmy Morales, Miami Beach city manager, said in the article “Human ingenuity is incredible, but do we have the political will? Holland set aside $1 billion a year for flood mitigation, and we have a lot more coastline than they do.”

See the original article at: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/11/us/south-florida-faces-ominous-prospects-from-rising-waters.html?ref=science

Charlotte is in a very different situation. Looking out the widow, one does not see glaciers melting, or fields of grain drying up, or ocean waters lapping at the base of the Bank of America stadium. So climate change is mostly not on the radar screen here in our city. But we are not immune to its effects – to which we contribute mightily through our high level of carbon emissions. We can expect more extreme storms, higher summer temperatures, and significant effects of such on our lifestyle which is highly interconnected with the rest of the US and the world.

Ask your local politicians to support all measures to reduce carbon emissions. And figure out how to do your part too.

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