* 7 Miles of Elephants

It’s time to start a stampede of folks calling for change!
Join the herd of folks coming from across the southeast this Monday, November 4th, at the Charlotte NRC Public Meeting on nuclear waste.
Plan to speak out on this critical environmental issue for our community.
Let’s send the NRC a message that they’ll never forget.
See you there with your signs, banners, and passion to preserve and protect our planet.

7 Miles of Elephants Nuke Waste

Since the summer of 2012, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has been unable to issue licenses for new reactors, nor renewals for existing licenses. A federal court threw out the underpinning of the agency’s radioactive waste policy–its “waste confidence” rule. That rule had stated that the NRC was confident that high-level radioactive waste always would be stored or disposed safely, and thus could continue to be generated.

But the court found that with the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site effectively cancelled and no alternative in place, the NRC could not be “confident” of permanent disposal. Moreover, the court ruled that the NRC had no technical basis for asserting that current on-site storage practices in fuel pools and dry casks would be safe for the indefinite future. This ruling forced the current moratorium on licensing.

The NRC has now prepared a Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS) as part of the process of replacing its “waste confidence” rule and it hopes to finalize this document and resume licensing during 2014. In the Fall of 2013, the agency will hold 12 public meetings around the country to explain and receive comment on this document.

These meetings are our opportunity to point out the technical shortcomings in this new document, and to call for making the licensing moratorium permanent. There will be protests and public involvement at each one of these meetings. We hope you will join us.

A large public outcry is needed to prevent the NRC from implementing a new “Waste Confidence” rule. It is critical that you attend the “waste confidence” meeting in Charlotte.  Even if you do not wish to speak, your presence tells the NRC that you care.

Monday, November 4
Hilton Charlotte University Place
8629 J.M. Keynes Drive
Charlotte, NC  28262

Outside gathering and rally 5 pm

Open house 6-7 pm

Meeting 7-10 pm

The NRC requests that if you wish to speak, you register beforehand. Your choices are:

1) online at  WCRegistration@nrc.gov, 2) by phone at 310-287-9392, 3) in person at the meeting

Additional Information

Background Information on Nuclear Waste – Factsheets, reference materials, etc.


Presentation on Nuclear Waste in NC – Mary Olson at Sierra Club Meeting


Background On Waste Confidence


Talking Points and comment instructions for Waste Confidence Hearings


Facebook Event Page

Sierra Club Action Alert – Take Action: Nuclear waste in our communities?


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