* Nuclear Waste Poem

Thanks to Sierra Club Central Piedmont group member Brian Kasher for this poem!

Listen and you’ll definitely want to attend and speak at the November 4th NRC Charlotte Public Meeting on Nuclear Waste disposal.

A large public outcry is needed to prevent the NRC from implementing a new “Waste Confidence” rule. It is critical that you attend the “waste confidence” meeting in Charlotte.  Even if you do not wish to speak, your presence tells the NRC that you care. You can also bring signs for outside the meeting room.


Monday, November 4
Hilton Charlotte University Place
8629 J.M. Keynes Drive
Charlotte, NC  28262

Outside gathering and rally 5 pm

Open house 6-7 pm

Meeting 7-10 pm

The NRC requests that if you wish to speak, you register beforehand. Your choices are:

Nuclear Waste
Acid Rain
Chemical Waste
It’s in our brains

Toxins in our water
Solvents under our feet
The big agra-pharma answer
Medication in our meat

Pollution, it’s in our cities
Pollution, it’s in our Streams
Pollution, it’s in our future
Pollution, it’s in our baby’s dreams

Gulf, oil, Chernobyl, Fracking and Fukashima
Each reminiscent of a
Corporate Hiroshima

Hey Boardroom People
Where profit is the lord
You can make the difference
Through use of an altruistic sword

Corporate acts change our world
For this you can’t deny
Your hearts hold the answer
On this you can relay

Add value to society
Not to the social ill
For Earth is our Mother
We owe her better still

212 chemicals
traced in our babies blood
It’s a momentous challenge
To stop the blasphemous chemical flood

Nuclear Waste
Acid Rain
Chemical Waste
It’s in our brains

It’s All of Us
We’re to Blame
Nuclear Waste Acid Rain

Only you and you and you
Only We The People
Can Effect Change!

There is a Season.

By Brian K. Kasher

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