* Meeting Tonight – “Nuclear Power in the Carolinas – Wasting Away or a Glowing Threat?” – Oct 23

You don’t want to miss this meeting tonight! See you there!

Duke Evac Plan McGuire

What’s going on with nuclear power in North Carolina?   Even the former chair of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) says the nuclear industry is dying1 and yet Duke wants to build two nuclear reactors just south of Charlotte in Gaffney2.  After decades of no permanent solution, nuclear fuel is building up in NC3 and most of it is in hazardous spent fuel pools4.  Are the nuclear reactors surrounding Charlotte at risk5 and are we prepared for a nuclear emergency in Charlotte6?  What are the issues?  What can we do about it7?

Join us Wednesday, October 23, to hear “Nuclear Power in the Carolinas – Wasting Away or a Glowing Threat?” with Mary Olson. Mary has been on the staff of Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS) for twenty-two years, serving as staff biologist, radioactive waste specialist and since 1999, the Director of the Southeast Office. As young research assistant Olson suffered a radiation accident; Dr. Helen Caldicott’s book, Nuclear Madness restored her perspective and set her on the path of work to protect others from ionizing radiation. Mary has done so by educating the public, congress, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and now the rising generation of activists.

Our meeting starts off at 6:30 PM with pizza, refreshments and a chance to meet and socialize with other Sierra Club members and friends. The business meeting and program will begin at 7:00 PM. Non-members and potential new members are very welcome!

Central Piedmont Sierra Club meetings are held in the Mahlon Adams Pavilion at Freedom Park, 2435 Cumberland Avenue, Charlotte, NC, 28203. Cumberland Avenue is off of the 1500 block of East Boulevard.

The program is free and open to the public and you do not have to be a member to attend. Free parking is available.

Bring a friend or two; you’ll be glad you did! See you there…

Additional information

1. Former NRC Chairman Says U.S. Nuclear Industry is “Going Away” “This is not a future technology. It’s an old technology, and it serves a useful purpose. But that purpose is running its course.” “The industry is going away,” he said bluntly. “Four reactors are being built, but there’s absolutely no money and no desire to finance more plants than that.

2. Duke Energy continues to support Lee nuke plant That Duke proclaims the continued viability of nuclear in all sorts of forums — from its annual analysts meeting several months ago to a small chamber meeting this week — indicates how seriously Duke takes the need to keep its options open on Lee.

3. N.C. brims with nuclear waste The state ranks fourth in the nation for accumulated nuclear waste.

4. Nuclear Power Safety in North Carolina

5. NC’s 3 Nuclear Plants Report More Than 90 Violations The three nuclear power plants in North Carolina have each reported at least 90 safety violations since 2000. The Government Accountability Office report obtained by The Associated Press shows that the McGuire plant near Charlotte reported 119 lower–level violations and one higher-level violation from 2000 to 2012.

6. In the event of a nuclear accident, is Charlotte ready? Duke Energy hires a consultant to estimate evacuation times for McGuire and Catawba Nuclear Stations. The most recent evacuation time estimates for McGuire predict everyone within a ten-mile radius of the plant could get out within six hours at most. The projection takes into account severe weather and large gatherings at places like Davidson Stadium, the Metorlina Expo and the Renaissance Fair simultaneously. But the report is based on 2004 traffic counts. In a real emergency, the best laid plans would run headlong into real traffic.

7. NRC Nuclear Waste Meeting – Charlotte, Nov 4 Come speak out on this issue!

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