* Early Voting starts TODAY! Your three-step plan

Vote 1

North Carolina’s early voting program lets you vote when it’s convenient for you (even on Saturday and Sunday in most counties), rather than finding time on Election Day.

Here’s your three step guide to voting in this year’s important election:

  1. Vote early: We recommend you vote early—voting early means you can vote when it’s convenient for you, including on the weekend! Early voting begins 19 days before an Election Day: Oct. 17th, for many districts. During early voting, if there is a problem with your registration (i.e. name change or if you’ve moved since last voting) you can re-register on the spot with proper identification (utility bills, driver’s license, etc.). Find out more about early voting in NC dates, times, and locations  by visiting your county’s Board of Elections website: http://www.ncsbe.gov/content.aspx?id=13
  2. Know your ballot: View a sample ballot and other information before you vote: www.NCVoterGuide.com
  3. Know your rights and the rules of voting in NC: Visit NC Election Connection’s Protect My Vote page: http://ncelectionconnection.com/protect-my-vote/

Due to the changes in election and voting law there has been some confusion about early voting and photo ID—most of these changes do not take effect in 2013. North Carolinians can still vote early and you DO NOT need a photo ID to vote in 2013. (However, you will need a form of identification if you are unregistered and choose to register and vote during one-stop early voting. Details here: http://ncelectionconnection.com/registering-to-vote/voter-registration-faq/#four.)

We encourage you to forward this email to your friends and family in North Carolina to make sure that they are prepared for the election as well.


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