* Charlotte Moral Monday – Aug 19 – Share Your Voice!


“From the mountains to the coast, we’re sick of this mess. This is no momentary hyperventilation or liberal screaming match; this is a movement. We have a governor that has decided to be on the wrong side of history. We have a legislature that is bragging and boasting about its power and is legislating on the basis of lies and discrimination. Though they have temporary power, the future does not belong to them.”

~ Rev. William Barber, president of the state NAACP

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Stand up to the attacks on our teachers, our voting rights, and our healthcare.

Join us in peaceful solidarity and have our voices heard!

Nothing short of our children’s future is at stake.

Forward Together…Not One Step Back

Facebook:  Moral Monday Charlotte #moralmonday

Charlotte Moral Monday

August 19

5:00 until 7:00 PM

Marshall Park

800 E. Third Street, Charlotte, North Carolina 28202

Charlotte Moral Monday Coordinating Committee

Download and share the Charlotte Moral Monday Flyer

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