* Ask Governor McCrory to Veto House Bill 74, the “Billboards Forever” Bill

Ask Governor McCrory to Veto House Bill 74, the “Billboards Forever” Bill


The N.C. General Assembly has passed a bill that would override local ordinances and allow billboard companies to rebuild existing billboards, even if those billboards are considered non-conforming under local law.

Under the bill, reconstructed billboards could be 50 feet tall – the height of a five-story building – even if signs of that height are not allowed by local ordinances or would create a nuisance in the neighborhood.  Lighting could also be added.

The bill gives special land use rights to billboard owners that no other business within the state currently has.  Because the bill provides permanent status to all existing billboards statewide, regardless of local decisions on where billboards should go, the bill is being called the “Billboards Forever” bill.

The bill allows more cutting of trees at highway interchanges to increase the visibility of billboards, expanding on the billboard tree cutting bill passed in 2011.  This would have a negative effect on highway safety by increasing the distraction of billboards at the most dangerous location on a freeway, the interchange area.

Please contact Governor Pat McCrory today and ask him to veto House Bill 74.

Please thank Governor McCrory for his leadership in reducing visual clutter through billboard ordinances when he was mayor of Charlotte, and ask him to protect this authority for other cities and counties in the state.

Please remind Governor McCrory that visual quality is important in attracting businesses and tourists to our communities and state.

Remind Governor McCrory that over the last few years, the billboard industry has already received major concessions at the public’s expense, and that enough is enough.

Governor McCrory is considering whether to veto House Bill 74.  Please contact him NOW and urge him to veto this harmful bill.

Thank you for your support of scenic quality in North Carolina.

How to contact Governor McCrory:

Phone (during normal business hours):  919-814-2000

Fax:  (919) 733-2120

E-mail:  pat.mccrory@nc.gov or http://www.governor.state.nc.us/contact/email-pat


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