* Last Call for a Clean Jordan Lake!

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The Raleigh News & Observer has an excellent lead editorial today about the “Troubled Waters” of Jordan Lake.

It quotes former Asst. Sec Robin Smith from her blog as noting that the proposed delay is more than a suspension.  “The three-year delay in implementing the rules does not maintain the status quo– it allows nitrogen and phosphorus loading to Jordan Lake to increase.  In the end, delay may also increase the cost of addressing the water quality problem”.

The editorial had this to say about the proposal that SolarBee or similar systems could solve Jordan Lake’s woes by circulating the water:
“This is an idea that combines Jules Verne and Rube Goldberg”.

Still no word on when S 515 will be on the calendar but may be added tomorrow night.

If you haven’t already to call, write or visit your House member in opposition to S 515!  Thanks for your help.


Molly Diggins, State Director

NC Sierra Club
19  W. Hargett Street Suite 210
Raleigh NC 27601

Dear Friends,

In these final days of North Carolina’s legislative session, we need you to step up and help protect Jordan Lake! That’s right. At the end of this grueling session, there’s another push to stall the protections for Jordan Lake to the benefit of upstream developers.

Jordan Lake is the drinking water source for over 300,000 North Carolinians, and an outdoor recreational resource for more than 1.2 million visitors a year.

jordan lake - convio3.jpg

Click here to tell your representative to keep the protections that we have in place for Jordan Lake!

So far this year, thousands of people like yourself, who value clean air and water, have stepped up and helped stop many bad pieces of legislation from rolling back protections and safeguards that make North Carolina great.

We need you to step up again. The House version of SB 515, Jordan Lake Water Quality Act, would put the Jordan Lake Rules on ice for yet another three years. That’s in addition to all the previous delays. If we just keep kicking the can down the road, not implementing rules that will protect the Lake, more pollution will enter the lake and it will cost more to clean it up later.

SB 515 could be voted on by the House as soon as Monday night. Please act now!

Click here to tell your legislators that we need to keep the Jordan Lake Rules in place in order to clean up our lake!

In these final days of the legislative session, deals are made and bills move fast. This could be the last big environmental fight we see this year, and we need you to step up!

The House plan would also divert $2 million from the cash-strapped Clean Water Management Trust Fund for a pilot project. If there is a technology that can help clean up Jordan Lake, it should be added to the mix.

But it makes no sense to freeze the current rules we have while we do so. These rules were developed over years of thoughtful compromise and negotiation. That was the responsible approach, and we cannot let hasty action by lawmakers remove protections for this vital drinking water supply for the benefit of upstream developers. At the end of the day, what’s needed is to keep pollution from getting into the lake in the first place–and that’s what the current rules do.

Click here to stand up for the safeguards we fought years to put in place.

Thanks for all that you do,

Dustin Chicurel-Bayard
Communications Director, NC Sierra Club

P.S. – Don’t be fooled. A bill that delays the Jordan Lake Rules is not a compromise. It is a sham. And sooner or later, the public will be stuck with a bigger price tag to restore the lake’s health. Contact your legislator now!

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