* Make Your Voice Heard: Duke Energy Shareholder Meeting, May 2, 9:00 am

Ratepayers from across Duke Energy’s six state service area will convene at the company’s Annual Shareholder Meeting on Thursday, May 2nd to call for Duke to change their business model and protect our planet.

Activists will present a 9’ x 16’ wall displaying hundreds of photos, each one of a ratepayer communicating their disagreement with Duke Energy’s decisions to raise rates for the third time since 2009 and their continued investments in dirty, dangerous, and climate-wrecking energy sources and power plants that we don’t need.

As Duke holds its private meeting behind closed doors, we will host our own teach-ins outside to share our concerns about Duke Energy’s business model. We’ll send Duke Energy a strong message that the time for serial rate hikes that are rigged against residential and small business customers is over! Pollution of our health, air, water, and lands must end with a new focus on clean renewable energy and energy efficiency. Join a broad coalition of rate payers calling for change!

Join Us and Make Your Voice Heard!

Click below to download and share the flyer

Duke Shareholder Meeting 2013 SC Flyer

Duke Shareholder Meeting Flyer SC CPG

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