* Char-Meck Sustainability Plan – Consultant Presentation

Click below to review the proposal from ICMA to the Charlotte Environment Committee. Reading between the lines doesn’t give me a lot of warm fuzzies. Shannon Binns, Sustain Charlotte Executive Director, expresses it very well:

“The report from ICMA reflects what Sustain Charlotte has been telling Council and staff for two years: Char-Meck is falling behind other metro areas around the region and country with regard to sustainability planning for our community.  While they have moved forward, we have hesitated.  To remain competitive, and to maintain a high quality of life for our residents, we need to develop — through broad public engagement — a comprehensive community sustainability plan with measurable goals for tracking our progress.  At present, we have no plan, and the costs of our inaction are growing.”

If you think that we need a Sustainability Plan, email the committee members and staff and tell them why!

Take a look at what Baltimore has done!  It is an excellent model for what we need here, and articulates the reasons cities should have such a plan (the benefits) as well as how to go about engaging the community to create it (the process is as important as the plan itself):

Additional information about the city’s sustainability efforts, including their three annual progress reports towards the goals in their plan (plan was created in April 2009) is available from their website:


CharMeck Presentation Sustainability Study

Environment Committee Members

John Autry, Chair Claire Fallon, Vice Chair Andy Dulin David Howard Beth Pickering
John Autry,Committee Chair Claire Fallon,
Committee Vice Chair
Andy Dulin David Howard Beth Pickering

Andy Dulin: adulin1@carolina.rr.com,

John Autry: (Chair) jautry@ci.charlotte.nc.us

Beth Pickering: pickeringbeth@aol.com

Claire Fallon: CGFTJF@aol.com

David Howard: info@davidhowardclt.com

Staff Resources:  Julie Burch, Assistant City Manager
Rob Phocas, Energy and Sustainability Manager

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