* Big and Little Kids: Send President Obama a Thank You “Hand Turkey”

This is so cool. Here’s mine. All you big and little send one too!

Tell President Obama:
Thanks for protecting clean air…

Your Hand Turkey

Now give our families one more reason to be thankful!

Take Action

Your family can breathe a little easier this Thanksgiving when you sit down to gobble up food and swap stories.

Because, thankfully, President Obama has secured historic clean-air protections for our kids and families.

Send President Obama your own, customized hand turkey to say “Thanks for protecting clean air!” and remind him to finalize two historic and life-saving clean-air protections.

These clean-air safeguards save lives, and are even more important for children and the elderly, our most vulnerable.

This holiday season, we’re thankful that President Obama has done so much for clean air — and even more thankful that he has one more opportunity to protect our families from harmful pollution. Send him a reminder that’s sure to catch his attention, and make the kid in you smile.

So this Thanksgiving, join a show of hand turkeys thanking President Obama for clean air, and urge him to issue final standards to clean up soot and carbon pollution.

Thanks for all you do to protect the environment,

Mary Anne Hitt
Sierra Club Beyond Coal Campaign Director
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