* Will you make 20 calls to protect our environment?

Victory Corps 2012

13 Days to Go!
Make Calls for President Obama

Barack Obama speaking

Help Us Reach Our 25,000 Call Goal!


I just got off the phone with the Obama campaign and they have a special request for Sierra Club members. The polls show a very close race — and it could hinge on turnout in key battleground states. To help get the President across the finish line, we’ve committed to making 25,000 phone calls to voters. These calls are a crucial part of the campaign, and you can make a big difference. I told them we would do it because the President has stood with us on key issues time and again, and we stand with him.

Can you commit to making at least 20 calls for the President? You can make the calls from home using the campaign’s state-of-the-art Dashboard tool.

These phone calls cut through the noise and remind voters why it’s so important to cast their ballots for the President. Big polluters and their SuperPAC allies are pouring record amounts of cash into negative ads, hoping voters stay home. They’ve spent more than $160 million on ads to defeat President Obama, with more to come.1 But 25,000 calls from Sierra Club members can turn out more votes than any negative ad.

Join today and help us reach 25,000 calls. You can get started right away.

I’ve used the Dashboard to make calls and it’s amazingly easy and powerful. When you sign up, you’ll also join thousands of other Sierra Club members in the Environmentalists for Obama group. The Dashboard gives you everything you need to tell folks how important it is to get out and vote for President Obama.

Some of the key battleground states are neck and neck — they may come down to a couple hundred votes. By joining our phone team and making a few calls, we’ll be able to turn out thousands of voters. That’s enough to win swing states like Florida, Virginia or Ohio. If we win those, we win the election. That’s the power of our grassroots – but only if you get involved.

Will you stand with President Obama and make some calls?

You know the stakes of this election — to continue making progress on climate, on clean energy, and on conservation. Cleaner cars, toxic mercury protections, carbon pollution standards, expansion of public lands — the President has been with us. It was because of you that those achievements were possible, and it will be because of you that we win on November 6.

Thanks for all you do for the environment,

Drew Ball
Sierra Club Victory Corps

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