* URGENT Action Requested: Gov Perdue VETOS “Rush to Fracking” Bill – Now We Need to Stop an Override

The great news is that just hours ago Governor Perdue listened to thousands of us and  vetoed the rush to fracking bill, SB 820. When the bill was approved by the NC House, two Mecklenburg Democrats, Representative Rodney Moore and Representative Kelly Alexander, voted for the bill. To hold the veto we need to contact them (calls and/or emails) and urge them to not vote to override the veto. We need 100s of calls and emails from Mecklenburg Sierra Club members and supporters. Call and leave a message. Send them an email.

Representative Rodney Moore 919-733-5606 and Rodney.Moore@ncleg.net
Representative Kelly Alexander 919-733-5778 and Kelly.Alexander@ncleg.net

Here is a message from Molly Diggins, State Director, Sierra Club NC Chapter about how fierce this fight will be:

Thank you and congratulations again on the Gov’s veto of SB 820, the fracking bill!  It’s been a long, hard road to get here, but we can’t rest quite yet.  The 2012 session will adjourn Tuesday at a session that is expected to run till midnight.  Much of the next two days will be devoted to overriding the Governor’s 3 vetoes.

How high are the stakes?  High enough that the American Petroleum Institute immediately after the Governor’s veto was calling North Carolinians and asking them to support the economy and American energy independence by asking their legislator to override the Governor’s veto.  API then offers to patch the citizen through to their legislator’s office (although it appears that the calls are really going to swing legislators, even though residents are being told otherwise).  The calls are being made through an API front group called Energy Citizens.  A friend of mine said he got his call literally within 15 minutes of the Governor’s veto.
We have an action alert out in the field. If you receive our alerts, please not only respond yourself, but forward to friends and neighbors and urge them to respond as well.
Travis Hargett (travis.hargett@sierraclub.org) has a volunteer team ready to go in the morning to make calls. If you have time and are willing to help Monday and Tuesday, please contact Travis.
The key swings remain Reps. Rodney Moore and Alexander (D-Mecklenburg). and Rep. Bryan Holloway (R-Stokes).
But every House member needs to know this matters to you. It’s going to be very, very close.
Thanks, all.


Thanks so much for taking action and calling and emailing Representative Rodney Moore and Representative Kelly Alexander.

Learn more about our fracking campaign at www.thedailyfrack.com

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