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Hundreds of activists are speaking out in Chicago and Washington, D.C. to support the EPA’s new proposal to clean up our air and protect our health. They’re testifying at hearings about the EPA’s first ever standards that limit life-threatening carbon pollution from coal plants.

We know most Americans can’t make it to the hearings, so we’re holding a Virtual Rally for Clean Air on Facebook and Twitter to make sure everyone gets the chance to show their support for limits on carbon pollution from power plants.

Join the activists who are speaking out in Chicago and D.C. by participating in our Virtual Rally for Clean Air. Let the EPA know you support safeguards to keep our air clean and our kids healthy!

The EPA’s proposal to limit carbon pollution could not be more critical. Carbon pollution is linked not only to climate disruption but also to the smog that causes asthma attacks. Every year, power plants in the United States pump 2.3 billion tons of it and other toxics into the air.1

Doctors, scientists, and nurses say this pollution is dangerous for children since climate disruption’s rising temperatures are likely to make smog pollution worse — triggering asthma attacks and permanently damaging children’s lungs.

Volunteers are spending hours in line and some are even missing work to testify at the hearings to make sure the EPA gets the message. They’re fighting for you, me, and all Americans who want a strong carbon pollution standard to protect our children’s health.

Support their efforts by being part of the Virtual Rally for Clean Air. Together we’ll fill Facebook and Twitter with posts that show the EPA that people from Boston to Honolulu want carbon pollution protections!

Over one million people have already submitted comments to the EPA supporting the safeguards but Big Polluters and their climate denying allies aren’t giving up. Recently,the Heartland Institute commissioned billboards along Illinois highways that compare concerned Americans who believe in climate disruption to psychopaths like Charles Manson and Unabomber Ted Kaczynski.2 Our opposition is getting desperate and will do anything to challenge all efforts to address the climate crisis.

Fortunately, today we can fight back! Be part of the Virtual Rally for Clean Air and push back on Big Polluters’ unacceptable attacks.

Thanks for all you do to protect our environment!


Mary Anne Hitt Beyond Coal Campaign Sierra Club

P.S. Not on Facebook or Twitter? Send a message to the EPA through our handy action alert system.

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[1] “EPA Facility Level GHG Emissions Data.” Environmental Protection Agency. May 24, 2012.

[2] Nuwer, Rachel. “Heartland Pulls Billboard on Global Warming.” NYTimes.com. May 4, 2012.

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