* When you turn on the lights you use lots of water

What happens when I flip the light switch on? Are there consequences? Most people generally think of it in terms of the monthly electric bill. But the impact is far-ranging. Here are a few of the things that happen when I turn on the light switch:

  • I contribute to the Global Climate Crisis through the production of greenhouse gases
  • I add sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides that contributes to acid rain and the acidification of our streams, lakes, and oceans
  • I add mercury, a deadly neurotoxin, to our air, water, land and food sources
  • I support the disposal of toxic coal ash  in old, unlined coal ash ponds and the unregulated disposal of coal ash as a land fill and road de-iceing agent
  • I support blowing the tops off of mountains and the devastation of mountain valleys and communities
  • I support the use of billions of gallons of water to produce steam and cool equipment used to produce energy

Of course we all need electricity. But we also need to treat it as a precious resource that has consequences. That message and the impact on the Catawba River basin came through loud and clear in a Mike Collins Charlotte Talks interview with Catawba Riverkeeper David Merryman. Thanks to David for his dedication and advocacy for our waters!

You need to listen to this if you missed it. You’ll be glad you did!


Friday February 24, 2012

Catawba River Update A regional environmental organization recently put the Catawba River on a list of the South’s top endangered places, because of threats from coal ash, power plant water use and other factors. We’ll sit down with David Merryman, the Catawba Riverkeeper, to get an update on the status of the river and what challenges he and the Catawba Riverkeeper organization are facing in trying to preserve the health of the river.

Guest David Merryman – Catawba Riverkeeper

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