* Charlotte Chamber Pushing for Polluted Air in NC

If it’s up to the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, the future of air quality in Charlotte will be hazy.

The Chamber has just issued a legislative update that makes their position clearer than our air – they are opposed to EPA regulations that would clean up and protect our air. The facts about our impaired air quality are clear. We need regulations that will protect citizen health and safety.

Isn’t it time to reach out to Chamber members that you know and ask them to speak out and work to change this policy? Maybe it’s time for them to consider if their Chamber membership fees should go to lobby against clean air? Maybe it’s time for them to join companies like Apple that recently resigned from the Chamber over their environmental policies (Apple Quits U.S. Chamber Over Environmental Policies).

We’ll be addressing some of these claims in the near future. Until then, call a Chamber member and let they know what their dues are supporting. Ask them to speak out and protect Charlotte air and the health and safety of our citizens.

Charlotte Chamber website:

The clout of the EPA remains hazy

For businesses in NC, the regulatory climate produced some victorious reforms this past year including the Regulatory Reform Act of 2011 which balanced job creation and environmental protection.  Yet, upcoming EPA regulation which could be detrimental to job growth and stability in NC still remains a pressing concern for the business community.  The Utility Maximum Achievement Control Technology rule (MACT) alone is estimated to have $10 billion in compliance costs and is being considered by the EPA.  Coupled with the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule,  47,000 NC jobs stand on the chopping block should both rules pass as legislation.  This uncertainty stemming from the EPA’s vast rulemaking will only hinder job creation and economic growth.

Legislative Update – December 16, 2011

As we approach the end of the year, the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County have undergone several changes in members as well as leadership. See our blog for updated roles in the School Board, County Commission, and City Council.

We are keeping the following topics on our radar as they have a high potential for impacting the NC business community: EPA regulation, unemployment insurance, and a Congressional Act requiring Executive branch scrutiny.  The North Carolina Department of Transportation is now accepting submissions for candidate transportation projects for the Mobility Fund.  There is approximately $45 million remaining in the Mobility Fund for qualifying projects in the State Fiscal Year 13 (July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013), and $58 million each year thereafter.  Minimum eligibility requirements and additional details are listed on our blog.

Visit blog.

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