* Will Fracking come to NC?

Fracking. Sounds bad, is bad.

What is it? In a process called ‘fracking,’ gas companies pump a mix of unknown toxic chemicals deep into the earth to fracture and break apart shale formations that hold previously inaccessible natural gas deposits. The problem? Under exemptions in the Energy Policy Act of 2005, these gas companies don’t have to disclose which chemicals they are injecting into the ground, and are exempted from laws such as the Safe Drinking Water Act. The result? Around the country, a number of communities have been experiencing problems ranging from toxic chemicals entering water supplies, to drinking water that is literally flammable. See also Sierra Club on “60 Minutes” – Natural Gas and the Hazards of ‘Fracking’

Central Piedmont Sierra Club ExCom member and Outings Chair Steve Copulsky  recently responded to an article about Fracking ( “Legislators seek to allow drilling for natural gas“).  Here’s Steve’s Letter to the Editor in the Charlotte Observer:

Posted: Wednesday, Apr. 20, 2011

In response to “Legislators seek to allow drilling for natural gas” (April 16):

Drilling laws aren’t ‘antiquated,’ they protect our ground water

Reporter John Murawski refers to the state’s “antiquated” drilling laws for natural gas. “Long-standing protective laws” would have been a far better choice of words. There is nothing out of date about North Carolina’s laws against horizontal drilling, which is used to access shale gas formations. These laws were enacted many years ago by legislators who had the foresight to protect our ground water from contamination and our citizens from health hazards that accompany hazardous hydraulic fracturing technology.

Steve Copulsky


Read more: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2011/04/20/2235341/the-observer-forum.html#ixzz1K73JcEkE

Now it’s your turn. Add a comment on line, email your NC Senator and Representative and tell them why we need to keep these “Long-standing protective laws” to protect our water, our health and our environment.

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