* TAKE ACTION: Regulatory Public Hearing Set for Charlotte March 21

It’s time to take action on an important issue that will impact environmental law in Mecklenburg County and across North Carolina, from the mountains to the sea.

We need your voice to prevent the repeal of laws that protect our air, water, soil and our natural resources. We need you to attend a Public Hearing to show your support of environmental and sustainable laws. If you or someone you know has a green business, works in a renewable energy field or truly cares about preserving and protecting our environment, we need you to share your issues and concerns.

A Joint Regulatory Review Committee has been established by Senate Joint Resolution 17.  This committee, made up of 9 senators and 9 representatives will hold public hearings at 6 locations across the state. The stated purpose of the committee is to “work to create a strong environment for private sector job creation by lifting the undue burden imposed by outdated, unnecessary, and vague rules.” The first meeting was held last week in Wilmington on March 11.

We can all agree that obsolete or vague rules that actually do cost someone a job or hinder business growth should be reviewed. Based on observations at the first meeting, however, some individuals, businesses and organizations are using this to identify environmental regulations for the new leadership in the legislature to remove. Some of the bills that might be impacted are the Terminal Groins Bill: Senate Bill 110: Permit Terminal Groins, “No New Rules” BillSenate Bill 22: No New Rules, Buffers Killing Bill: House Bill 116, Risk-Based Remediation Bill: House Bill 45, Billboards Bill: Senate Bill 183, among others.

If you care about North Carolina’s environment and the regulations to protect your natural resources, you are needed. Your voice needs to be heard and your presence felt on March 21 at CPCC Harris Campus.

When: Monday, March 21 from 1:00pm-3:00pm

Where:  CPCC Harris Campus, Harris Conference Center, 3216 CPCC Harris Campus Drive

Doors open at 12:30 pm for members of the public to sign-up to address Committee members. Speakers will be allotted between 2-3 minutes to speak (500-750 words).

Please RSVP to Erica Geppi at erica.geppi@sierraclub.org or reply to this email. More information and talking points to follow shortly.

Thank you and see you there!


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