Don’t Forget to Vote November 3!

Foxxbanner_logoTuesday’s election is critical to the future of Charlotte!  The race for Mayor is a dead heat and may be decided by a handful of votes.  We need your vote.  Please vote and please forward this e-mail to your friends.  Polls are open from 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM.

Here are the Sierra Club endorsements:

Mayor – Anthony Foxx (D)

Anthony Foxx offers the leadership that Charlotte needs for progressive sustainable growth in the 21st Century.  A strong environmental supporter in his two terms on City Council, Anthony supports cleaner air through the reduction of carbon emissions, green building policies, energy efficiency and

protection of our tree canopy.  He understands the need for a strong mass transit system, recognizes the importance of connectivity in land use policies and will work to attract clean energy jobs to our city.

City Council At-Large (Vote for these 4 candidates for the 4 At-Large positions.)

  • Susan Burgess (D) – Our current Mayor Pro Tem, Susan is a Sierra Club member and life-long environmentalist.
  • Patrick Cannon (D) — A steady environmental supporter in his 12 years on City Council.
  • David Howard (D) — The former Chair of the Planning Commission recognizes the importance of environmental planning on a regional basis.
  • Edwin Peacock (R) — Has shown strong leadership on City Council in his role as Chair of the Environmental Committee.

We need your vote on Tuesday!

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